Bid farewell to pain

Pain Relief Now – A topical pain spray that eliminates pain…NOW

A blend of powerful pain-relieving ingredients




Seve and Bryanin the Lab

“In almost every case where PRN has been substituted for another topical pain reliever, the individual has continued to use PRN.”

Why Pain Relief Now?

At first, it was just one customer. Then another. And another! Soon, we had multiple complaints that the typical over-the-counter pain relievers were not working. We knew we had to do something. Building on our experience and knowledge in chemistry, medicine, and science, we began collecting and combining a group of very powerful natural products that possessed incredible pain-reliving and anti-inflammatory properties.

While most OTC pain relievers focus their product around one or two main ingredients, we focused on combining multiple ingredients. We also included a powerful natural carrying agent that doubles as an anti-inflammatory and makes PRN start working immediately.

We believe that pain relief products should do their job…fast. With no back-talk. We believe that our product can change your life, just as it has for others.

Join Thousands of Pain-Free Customers!

I had problems with my rotator cuff and deltoid muscles in my right arm and shoulder the pain would wake me up at night and by using the extra strength Pain relief NOW I was able to sleep at night without taking any medications! Ws totally awesome!
Judy Marsh

I’ve used this & it does what it Claims!! need to get some more!

Pete Cookson

Works awesome.. Thanks Bryan, everybody should have at least one bottle in the house or first aid kit in the car.
Dennis Poirier

My husband has used it for his headaches and it works well. Nice not to always have to take pills for a headache. We also use it for all our aches and pains and we love it We use the roll on and the spray.
Tracey Holowatiuk Suchlandt

We love this product very effective and I like the aroma too.
Penny Larson

I purchased 2 bottles in Penticton and it works great. I am happy that we have a supplier in Edmonton Alberta.
Joyce Anderson-Kustner

This is my Miracle Spray. I’ve been using it for about 2 years and it really works!
Jeanette Morgan

This has been my saving grace this spray and roll on.
Melinda Wabick

This is the best product on the market. We have used this pain spray many times and yes it works better than anything we have ever used.
Jerry Remington

Pain Relief Now Provides Relief From

  • Knee Pain
  • Arthritis
  • Back Pain
  • Strains and Sprains
  • Headaches
  • Lumbago
  • Sore muscles and joints

  • Post-Exercise Soreness
  • Nerve Pain
  • Sciatica Pain
  • Sore Feet
  • Migraines
  • Tennis/Golfers Elbow
  • Ankle Sprains/Strains

 The Story of Mountain Medicinals

Day after day, we saw customers walk into our pharmacies and complain about the ineffectiveness of typical over-the-counter pain relievers. We knew we had to do something to help them. That is why we used our knowledge in chemistry, medicine, and science to develop PRN, the key to a pain-free life.

We are Bryan and Steve, and we are here to make your pain disappear naturally!

Unlike the majority of our competitors, we don’t rely on only one main pain-relief ingredient. Instead, we use a blend of very powerful pain-relieving ingredients that address various types of pain.

We don’t focus just on numbing the nerves or distracting them from the pain.  We focus on numbing the pain sensation AND removing the inflammation that is causing the pain.  Most products are created to “distract” the nerves and the body from the pain, thereby giving a feeling of less pain, without actually dealing with the issues causing the pain.

Construction worker suffering from neck pain
Man putting the pain relief now spray in pocket


We use a proprietary ingredient blend that includes DMSO to carry the pain-relieving ingredients through the skin extremely quickly. This provides maximum penetration speed and effectiveness.  In addition to being one of the most effective natural carriers available, DMSO also works in conjunction with the other ingredients to fight the inflammation that is the root of the pain.

Simply put, PRN is superior to any other similar topical pain relief product on the market.

Why Use It?

PRN is a blend of multiple pain and inflammation-relieving ingredients that target the causes of various
joint and muscle pain.

Who can use it

Our product is safe and can be used by athletes, seniors, bodybuilders, nurses and healthcare professionals, and anyone with chronic pain or pain caused by an injury.

How to Use It?

Spray it on the affected area and feel it working. For sensitive areas like the back of the neck, spray lightly, and wait to assess how it feels before spraying more.

Doctor & Customer Approved

Trusted By Thousands Of Customers

I just picked up the spray at your pharmacy on Carmi here in Penticton and did not realize how well it works on my shoulder after being without out for a couple of weeks. I am a firm believer that this product works extremely well and will continue to use it as I do not need to take nearly as many of my very strong painkillers. I will continue to spread the word about PRN. 

Kevin Hivon

Good Day: I received your samples yesterday and as soon as I got home I gave it a try, the first thing I noticed was how quick it went too work.

I followed the directions to a tee and what came next was unbelievable. I felt the soreness go away almost immediately.

My wife applied the spray to my lower back and my hip area just before bedtime and I gotta say it was an undisturbed sleep; your product will now be in our medicine cabinet from now on.

I decided that if I was too use your product at bedtime that I would not take my prescribed opioid and sleeping pill so I could see if the spray worked and it did.

1st time in a long time have I had such a good sleep instead of getting up 2 or 3 times a night.

Steve Jaster

vitamin c serum20ml and 8ml
Introducing Our Proprietary

Vitamin C Serum

Our serum focuses on delivering an effective dose of vitamin C to your skin. It aids in skin brightening, reduction in the appearance of photo-aging, improvement in elasticity, wrinkle reduction, and to even out skin tone.

Recommended by Skin Care Specialists

Used by Thousands of Delighted Women!

I have found that with regular use, my skin tone is has evened out and the red blotches have reduced. I have also found that my skin is smoother and the pores are smaller.

Becky Housenga

May 22, 2018, Fort Macleod, Alberta Canada

Hello! I purchased your Vitamin C serum from a store in Kelowna. I have been using it for 4 months and I LOVE it so much. Please don’t ever stop making it!!! I am 40 years old so just starting to have issues with sun damage and dull skin. It helps so much to moisturize, brighten and just overall skin health. I use a face wipe before bed and follow with the serum. Such a simple routine!


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